Appreciating the Small Things in Life

28 September 2011 in Reviews

Franzia Wine, Spicy Linguine, Homemade Spicy Pasta SauceOne thing we’re beginning to notice more and more here is that when you’re hours away from grocery stores, liquor stores, theaters, and bars you start to appreciate the little things. These might be something like a beautiful day of hiking through the woods or a box of Franzia. Here the things that seemed of little worth or interest at home mean all the world. Every meal is a celebration whether that meal is a curry filled with lots of fresh veggies or a soup made from odds and ends at the end of the month. Breakfast might be homemade biscuits and gravy or a bowl of cereal, but both are thoroughly appreciated. At home, with all of the modern conveniences at our finger tips the simple things often went ignored.

For example, I’m ashamed to admit the number of Saturday or Sunday afternoons and evenings I spent watching shitty movies on tv. Here I actually appreciate a bad movie. Since arriving we’ve seen no movies. We only brought DVDs of tv shows believing movies would grow old after a viewing or two, but tv shows were worth repeating. Then other day we were perusing the common area here at the park, a room filled with books, magazines, and movies (mostly VHS) and we found two DVDs; Katherine and Visions of Terror.

Visions of Terror, Barbara Eden, ESP, psychic visions, woman psychiatristKatherine was actually not all that terrible. It was the story of a young, well to do woman who became an activist and eventually a domestic terrorist. Visions of Terror on the other hand was your typical made for tv movie, it had plenty of visions, but very little terror. Here’s a quick summary; woman psychiatrist works in private practice and for the police department. Besides deducing things through questioning, she also has psychic visions. These visions helped her solve a crime in the past and now are appearing again in reference to a recent murder of a police officer. BUT the police chief doesn’t believe in her visions and she has to solve the case on her own. It’s like the precursor to the terrible tv show Medium. In the end, believe it or not she solves the case.

Now this movie was terrible, but given it’s one of two movies I’ve seen in the last month I could appreciate it for it’s awfulness without any guilt of having wasted an hour and a half watching it.

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28 September 2011 Reviews

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