Packers vs. Bears

26 September 2011 in Reviews

So one thing we’ve missed quite a bit since we’ve left is football. Specifically Green Bay Packer football. I think it’s in your blood or maybe the water (more likely the beer), but either way if you’re born and/or raised in Wisconsin sooner or later you’ll become a Packer Backer. I wasn’t when I was young for whatever reason I was a fanatic Joe Montana fan. Then in my teens I didn’t really follow football. In those rebellious years I was more into punk rock and skateboarding. Anything my parents liked I resented or at the very least I refused to show any interest.

But then in my twenties sometime I became a Packer fan and each year my blood has gotten greener and greener and so has Lindsay’s. Now that we’re 1700 miles away from Wisconsin, have no tv, no cable and little access to either we have to make due and that’s what we’ve done so far.

Our initial hope was that the saloon at the lodge in the park would have a couple of big screens and a satellite dish. Upon checking they had neither, making them the only bar/tavern/saloon we’ve ever walked into that doesn’t have a tv. Then we thought maybe we’d find it streaming somewhere on the internet and watch it using the wifi at the general store. This proved to be harder than we thought, while we could find it places these places were either paid sites, sketchy or constantly lagging and failing. So our last resort became listening to the came streaming via a Wisconsin radio station. Not the best, but we made due.

Then about a week ago one of the Law Enforcement Officers, Dave, told us to try the North Kaibab Lodge. This is about 20 miles outside of the park, but they have a bar and a big screen and a dish. Now we’re attempting to be frugal with our money so we didn’t want to go down there every Sunday, but today was the Packers vs. Bears game and we just couldn’t resist. So we drove down a little before the game, ordered a couple of beers and waited. Before we even finished our beers our dreams were crushed, they didn’t get the game in this region. So it was back to the general store and the streaming radio.

Although this had worked last week this week the Wisconsin station that usually features the games was not streaming it. So we had to hunt down a Chicago station. This station, the only one we could find with the game, had to be the worst station I’ve ever listened to. They were behind by a play or two the whole game, the announcers stepped all over each other and stuttered and messed up all of the time. And the commercials, OH THE COMMERCIALS! Not only did they play seven minute stretches of commercials (we timed them), they played the worst commercials ever, and at times these breaks ran over entire possessions. We had to supplement our radio with the play by play text updates on

I guess the important thing is that all of our hard work and time spent finding the game so we could cheer the Packers on paid off because they won. You’re welcome!

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26 September 2011 Reviews

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