Dogsitting with Suki

7 October 2011 in Traveling

dogsitting, Suki, therapy dogTwo days ago we were offered our first paid gig! We were left in charge of a little girl named Suki. She was quite small, furry and prone to snort when excited. Her owners Rod and Sandy approached us to ask about kennels in the surrounding area. To our knowledge there are none and after telling them this they offered us $50 to watch her for two days. Having made no money here, besides the change we sometimes find in recently vacated campsites we were more than happy to take on the job.

So later that evening we stopped down to their trailer to discuss our duties and when Suki might need to duty. They invited us in and offered us a beer. After discussing when to feed her and how much, when to walk her, and how to put her to bed we moved on to discussing our travels, and most interestingly their travels. Rod and Sandy were 69 years old and were going to attempt to hike rim to rim, over 21 miles, in one day! This is quite an ambitious task for anyone to take on. I, myself was getting nervous about my upcoming rim to rim solo, hike/run. But it turns out they’re very active for their age. In his early sixties Rod had tried canyoneering for the first time up in Zion National Park. We had never even heard of this. Apparently what you do is you descend down one of the numerous slot canyons, sometimes hiking, sometimes repelling on ropes. So at points your hanging hundreds of feet in the air. This was just one of their tales. They had also hiked the entire Appalachian Trail, over 2000 miles in a little over 3 months. He was a self-described “army brat” and she had been a ranger in Rocky Mountain National Park. They had traveled and lived all over the US and now they live in Arizona.

Speaking with people like Rod and Sandy has been one of my favorite things to do here. It’s inspiring to see older people still so active. We know people back in Wisconsin twenty to thirty years their junior who you couldn’t get to walk a mile, downhill and here you have folks in their sixties, maybe seventies who hike 21 miles down and back up out of a canyon with 40 pounds on their back. It really changed my view on how long I could keep this lifestyle up.

Anyways, the dog sitting went well. Suki was a very well behaved dog and she was fun to play with and walk. I’m usually not very interested in small dogs, I don’t dislike them, but they seem to have a different temperament than large dogs. Suki on the other hand was a lot of fun and it was a joy to watch her.

After the two days were up they arrived back, but had little time to talk with us. They could not get a site here so they were headed off the to National Forest Campground and needed to get out before dark. So we were paid our $50 and that was that. In celebration we purchased a bottle of Barefoot Pinot Noir wine and a six pack of good beer, New Belgium 1554 Black Ale.

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7 October 2011 Traveling

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