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7 October 2011 in Traveling

camp host on duty, camp hosting at Grand Canyon National Park, camp host north rim, camp host on dutySo part of the reason we decided to embark on this fantastic voyage was to get away from our careers, which were already trying, and to explore the option of working outdoors. By volunteering as camp hosts we needed no experience and little commitment, but would get a glimpse of what it might be like to work for the parks department. It would also look good on a resume should we decide to pursue employment.

After two months we’re pretty certain that we enjoy working outdoors. We enjoy supporting nature conservation. And we enjoy helping people explore, protect and support our nation’s natural treasures. So today we talked to our supervisor about how you go about getting a paid position.

He was very helpful and told us there are various entry level positions we could apply for, including positions here at the North Rim. We could be fee collectors working at the front gate and at the campground. We could work in the maintenance department and clean. We could also work for in the backcountry office and help people plan hikes and hike trails ourselves to keep and eye on potential problems and provide aid to distressed hikers.

We don’t want to get our hopes up, but our intentions are to find and pursue a career and lifestyle that will make us happy. So much like this trip we’re putting all of our chips in and going for it.

map of campground, campground map North Rim, North Rim Campground, Grand Canyon Campground mapIt’s hard not to consider how great a seasonal job with the parks department could be. We could work 6 months or so a year, pulling in decent money and spending very little (we could easily budget the same way we are now). Then in the off season, starting around November we could head back to Wisconsin and spend the holiday seasons at home with friends and family. In January and/or February we could do some traveling. And then in April or May we would head back to our seasonal job or find a new seasonal job in a new park. And during any of our time off we could pick up freelance design and web programming work here and there to supplement our income.

We’ll see how the next six months treat us and how the job search goes, but I could definitely see us happy living that lifestyle for several years.

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7 October 2011 Traveling

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