Flashback to the Kaibab (Part 4)

8 October 2011 in Trails/Hiking


Ribbon FallsSo after I surfaced from the depths of introspection Lindsay and I took a walk to Ribbon Falls. Ribbon Falls is a little over a mile from the campground heading south towards Phantom Ranch. It’s a nice little walk that follows the creek that runs alongside the campground. You eventually cross a small stream and a little further on you turn off of the main trail and onto the trail to the falls.

After crossing a bridge over the creek you head back towards the canyon wall and eventually come to a point in which it seems the trail has ended. You can see the falls from here, but it’s still quite aways back. After searching the surrounding area for the trail we figured out that it actually goes up and over the large rock in the center of the trail. Then you hike a little deeper into the cove and find that the trail intersects with a small creek. Initially we believed this to be another dead end, but with one wet shoe I was able to cross and head closer to the waterfall. It was really beautiful and alien to the dessert landscape we had seen so far. I quick ran back and told Lindsay that a wet foot was worth it and she followed me over the creek.

Here, back in the cove of seemingly standard canyon wall is a one hundred foot waterfall. Water drops over a ledge, down fifty feet or so, and crashes onto a tropical looking mound of what we later found to be a mineral deposit. All around and within a hollow hole in the mound is lush, green vegetation of the kind you’d expect to find in Hawaii. When I walked up behind the falls there were bright red flowers set within the vegetation.

Another Storm Rolls InUnfortunately after spending five minutes there we heard the rumble of thunder and thought we better head back to the campground. And so began a made dash back in attempt to keep ourselves dry and the clothes we had left out at our campsite. In the end we lost the race and a good portion of our stuff got wet.

Later that evening we had tacos for diner. Just finishing as the rain returned. We had been looking forward to seeing some stars down in the canyon, but tonight would be spent enclosed in our tent avoiding the cold rain.

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8 October 2011 Trails/Hiking

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