Western Family Products are Cheap and Good!

10 October 2011 in Traveling


Western Family Food Brand, Western Family products, Generic Brand Western Family, Spinach and Cheese Pot PiesYesterday, today, tomorrow and the rest of our days in the Canyon are Western Family days. Western Family is the generic brand in Kanab, our nearest town with a grocery store. It’s funny to transition from eating generic, dirt cheap, highly processed foods in college to eating mostly organic, local, whole foods from area farms and a coop to eating a hybrid of the two. Here we are trying to balance our diet along with our bank account. While we have abandoned organic, local produce we are attempting to continue to eat whole foods and do our own processing. So we’re buying things like canned tomato paste and making our own sauces. We’re also buying 10 pounds of flour a month and making our own tortillas, biscuits, scones, fry bread, and pancakes with plans, now that we have yeast, to try making some breads.

Baking Powder Biscuits with Seitan, western family flour, seitan biscuits, baking powder biscuitsWhile I believe we’re maintaining a healthy diet I do have some guilt regarding where our money is going. We became strong supporters of local foods in Madison. It was pretty easy there in the summer you have one of the biggest and best farmer’s markets in the nation and in the winter there are several CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture) from which you can purchase winter (and summer) shares which consisted of a box of locally grown produce every two weeks. This was more than enough to get us through the winter. All our other groceries were bought from the coop which doesn’t necessarily make them guilt-free, but if you play your cards right you walk out of there without supporting too many shitty companies.

Surprisingly buying groceries this way was barely more expensive than shopping at Woodman’s our mega grocery store. Here though with limited space, limited budget and limited access to local produce we are making due. We hope things will be a little different in California. We’re hoping there we can shift our purchasing patterns back towards local produce. We’ll see, at the very least there will be some coops within a reasonable drive.

To some of you this all might sound ridiculous, but we really believe that money is power and where we spend it makes a big difference. You can call us hippies if you want. We probably smell bad enough.

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10 October 2011 Traveling

2 Comments to Western Family Products are Cheap and Good!

  1. WE like to buy local produce as well. There has only been one local farmer in Kanab, but when we travel, we always stop at farm stands, or independent grocery stores whenever possible. Because I can’t eat wheat, though, it makes it really hard to stay on a budget. During the winters when we aren’t working, we try to stay on a very tight budget and use up every last pinch of everything.

    California will have more fresh veggies available even in winter.

  2. Karen on 10 October 2011
  3. We just feel so good when we buy local and we feel even better when it comes from the farmer itself. I’m sure we’ll find tons of these stands in California.

    We are still figuring out the whole budget thing and boy it can be hard. Especially when you have a sweet tooth like me. 🙂

  4. admin on 12 October 2011

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