Exploring the River

24 November 2011 in Traveling

DSC_2940Today we explored the river. We have driven along it countless times on our way to or back from Crescent City. Highway 199 follows its deepening gorge from Gasquet to Hiouchi. There are many picturesque views and I often find myself trying to sneak quick glances as I navigate the sharp and dangerous curves of the road. So rather than continue my risky behavior we thought we’d spend this afternoon exploring the river outside of a speeding vehicle. There are many turnouts and river access points and I had been mentally mapping them each time we drove through. The river is a beautifully peculiar green blue from a distance, but clear as glass close up. Even in the cold weather the water looks so inviting it’s hard not to fantasize about taking a quick dip. It must be heaven in the summer. But we restrained the urge and confined ourselves to the river’s charming banks. Initially the banks, where the gorge is shallow, are a wall of trees that run right up to the waters edge.Most of these trees are coniferous, but a few deciduous trees burst out of the sea of green with their brilliant yellow leaves. DSC_2951As you make your way west the river cuts deeper into the earth revealing a splendid array of jagged rock formations. At points the river is a seemingly still sheet of water in which you can see several feet right to the bottom. In other places the river is a series of small to medium sized rapids rushing down stream with a steady roar. It looks like it would be fun to kayak or raft down and hopefully we’ll get a chance to do that in the near future. Winter is supposed to be a good time for it with all the rain the rivers get pretty high.

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24 November 2011 Traveling

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