Rain, Rain, Go Away

27 November 2011 in Traveling


The rain here is certainly a force to be reckoned with. For days now it has rained close to non-stop. This puts a damper on most any activity outside of those enjoyed within the tiny confines of our trailer. We had known this would be the case, but preparing for a situation in which you have never been is little more than a thought experiment providing often inaccurate results. We had theorized it to be similar to a winter in Wisconsin. We’d be driven indoors by inclement weather, placed under temporary house arrest and forced to partake in idle hobbies like reading and knitting. But we had not taken into account some additional outlets available at home. We had jobs to eat up half of our waking hours and the rest could be consumed in the presence of family and friends. There were cinemas, bars, and restaurants to escape to. Even the holidays, as stressful as they can be were things to look forward to and markers for the slow progression through winter. Here we have little more than ourselves and a few possessions. This was more than enough to keep us busy in the Grand Canyon, but here we have few visitors and even fewer responsibilities. And although the nearest towns are much closer than they were in the Canyon there is very little to do. A couple of restaurants and a few sleepy bars. We’d have plenty to do if it weren’t for the weather, but until we learn the ancient ritual of the anti-rain dance we’ll just have to make do.

27 November 2011 Traveling

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