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8 November 2011 in Traveling


Today we spent the morning getting things organized. We are in our new host site and ready to settle down and have a “permanent” “home” again. This site came with some bonus items including a storage shed with washer and dryer as well as a land line phone. The storage shed will be great for storing the items we don’t consistently use, but still need for specific occasions like our large hiking packs and our tent and camping supplies. Before these items remained in the truck, but now they are neatly organized in the shed and the truck is completely empty. So if you’re thinking of coming to visit us we have room for six passengers and their luggage. Wink wink. Hint hint. We’re your low price leaders for custom west coast tours.

After spending the morning organizing and cleaning we headed to Crescent City. It was to be our first opportunity to watch a Packer game live and we weren’t going to miss it. You can read all about our misadventures in Packer games via wifi in an early post, but to summarize streaming radio is not always available and can be filled to the gills with horrible ads that play over and over and over often while you’re missing the game. Streaming a game for free is illegal, so if you can find one it’s usually shady, shitty, and filled with constant lagging. And we had no taverns within an hour and a half to watch the game at until now. We found our mecca, Pizza King. Terrible name, but an alright place. When we first arrived it seemed to be your local pizza joint/arcade, but they had the game on so we put up with the screaming kids and tiny tv with the help of beer. At half time I found out there’s a fricken bar on the other half of the building. Completely empty, big screen tv, and more beers at cheaper prices. Needless to say this will be our church on Sundays. I just hope the game being on Fox here wasn’t merely because they were playing San Diego. We’ll see!

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8 November 2011 Traveling

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