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27 December 2011 in Recipes


Over the past four months Lindsay and I (mostly Lindsay) have gotten into baking and frying our own breads. Before leaving Wisconsin we started making our own tortillas, but other than that we had little experience with the power of flour and absolutely no experience with yeast. But initially we were two hours from a grocery store and with little room in the fridge and freezer one loaf of bread just wasn’t cutting it in our self-imposed rule of only shopping once a month. So we adapted.

We had the tortillas down, but as we have mentioned previously we soon added fry bread and biscuits to the list. Then we added scones and hit a plateau in order to proceed we would need to learn how to use yeast. And this is where Lindsay really took off. She found yeast could be difficult in our drafty little trailer and figuring out the temperature of our oven was a whole other challenge in itself. By keeping the dough in the microwave she was able to insulate it and allow it to rise properly. And through trial and error she’s slowly figuring out the best settings on our toaster oven for the various temperatures and baked goods. See our toaster oven has a digital display where you can adjust the time, but for some reason not the temperature. I guess Toastmaster assumed soon every set of directions for baking would adhere to one of their brilliant settings like; Bakery, Casserole, Cake, Roast, Frozen Foods or Toast and no longer bother with the ancient tradition of an accurate temperature. All bakery items are baked at the same temperature right? I should give them credit though they’re just simplifying things for an audience probably composed of college students and over the hill bachelors who only wish to heat up TV dinners and Pizza Bursts.

But back to the goods, the baked goods. With a new love of baking soon Lindsay’s afternoons were filled with mixing, kneading, waiting, dividing, and shaping. Our tiny kitchen became a laboratory producing tasty results including bagels, breadsticks, naan, and pizza dough. And for our sweet tooth; snicker doodles, apple sauce cake, oatmeal cookies, and pumpkin butterscotch cake with cream cheese frosting. As I type here I am still attempting to digest the several cookies I consumed last night. I couldn’t stop. And in our small oven you can only fit about five cookies so the dough sat right in front of me while we cooked each batch. That didn’t help.

So someone asked us how we cut corners and save money at the grocery store this is one of them. Breads and sweets can be expensive, but flour and sugar is cheap. If you have the time and patience (which thankfully Lindsay does cause I don’t) try baking. Lindsay’s next adventure will be Italian Bread. We’ll let you know how it goes.

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27 December 2011 Recipes

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