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7 December 2011 in Trails/Hiking, Traveling

DSC_3509In an effort to thoroughly explore our immediate surroundings we decided to check out Tolowa Dunes State Park just north of Crescent City. Here we found a large lake encircled by marshes. There were several flocks of birds on the water and at times they’d all begin to flap their wings splashing and making a joyous ruckus. It sort of reminded us of a Discovery Channel segment. The area also evoked memories of Wisconsin. The trail out to the lake was blanketed in dead leaves of a deciduous variety something akin to what we’d find ourselves hiking through in the fall back home. The lake and surrounding marsh also brought up memories and thoughts of home. It was nice to just sit on the bench out by the water and bath in the warm sun.

DSC_3532After visiting the lake we headed west to another part of the park that provided beach access. We hiked a mile or so through the forest and suddenly found ourselves among the sand dunes with the roar of the ocean just over the crest. We meandered through the several small paths and over some large pieces of driftwood to plant our feet in the sand. Here we had a stretch of untouched coastline as far as the eye could see all to ourselves. After a short time a woman on a horse came galloping by, but other than her we the beach was vacant. Unfortunately the wind was brisk and unrelenting so we were forced to make our way back.

It was later in the afternoon now and we thought we’d swing into a bar on the edge of Crescent City for a beer and the Packer game score before heading back to the campground. Since arriving the only bar we’ve stopped into in Crescent City is the Pizza King and it was completely empty. At Shooters we found a decent crowd of friendly folks enjoying football as well as free wings and veggies. The bar itself was small, but the room was very large with five pool tables and a stage. We ordered draft beers and found a seat. The 49er game was just ending while the Packer game had eight minutes left so we had high hopes that Fox would switch over to the Packer game shortly. And they did. So we had another round and got to watch a very exciting seven minutes of football with the Packers coming out on top in the very last seconds.

Feelings and thoughts of home paired with a continuation of the Packers undefeated season caused me to text a couple of friends about the game. I was hoping I’d at least get a text back, but after a short while I received a call. I was promptly placed on speaker phone and greeted by five good friends who had been drinking brandy most of the day. It was great to hear from everyone, but in their condition and being on speaker phone made the whole situation a little less than optimal. But I can’t complain it was great to hear their voices and know that we had not been forgotten. We’ve been away for almost four months now and we both go through bouts of homesickness every once and a while. We had always believed we could make our home anywhere, but when you have good friends and family you can’t choose your home it is already chosen for you. It is forged in the memories and places of your youth and as long as those bonds remain strong you’ll always be beckoned back. I don’t know for sure where will settle down, but Wisconsin will always be my home and I will forever return to it at least for visits.

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7 December 2011 Trails/Hiking, Traveling

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