Merry Christmas! We miss you all and wish everyone a wonderful holiday season!

25 December 2011 in Memories, Traveling


┬áSo by the time this is posted we will have spent our first Christmas away from all of those we know and love. We’ll let you know how it goes. The plan is to make sushi Christmas Eve and open a celebratory box of wine. Then at 6 pm we will begin our 24 hour marathon of A Christmas Story. At midnight we will unwrap the gifts we have received and continue our test of mental endurance. If we maintain our sanity through the night we plan to cook a tofurky turkey and some mashed potatoes, gravy and corn for lunch. At this point we’ll be 18 hours and roughly 12 viewings in with 6 hours and maybe 4 viewings to go. Should we make it our reward will be tofurky sandwiches for diner at 6.

While this may appear to be an interesting new way to celebrate the holidays it is really an attempt to fill the void of being away from our family and friends. There will of course be phone calls made as well, but it will simply not be the same as sharing the holidays in warm homes filled with food, drinks and loved ones. We are merely attempting to fill the few holes we can with something resembling Christmas. We sourced life sized cardboard cutouts, but we didn’t have the money or the room for that matter.

In the absence of family and friends we can truly appreciate the real gift of the holiday season. And that is what we will miss more than anything. We certainly appreciate the presents we have received, but would gladly trade them all in for a plane ticket home for the weekend. If this trip has taught us anything its that we value our relationships at home more than we perhaps had shown or even ever known. It’s certainly easy to take a wonderful group of family and friends for granted since they have always been there and will always be there for you. It is not until you are away from these people for an extended period of time that you realize how important your time with them truly is. So please for those spending time with family and friends this season take time to show your appreciation and love. The holidays can be stressful, but take it from us its better in the presence of loved ones.

25 December 2011 Memories, Traveling

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  1. We’ll be thinking of you today! and yes, people forget to appreciate those closest to them. Love is what it is all about….

  2. Karen on 25 December 2011
  3. Ahhh jeez! We were thinking of you too! I hope your holidays went well. Happy New Year!

  4. admin on 28 December 2011

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