The Great Northwestern Adventure! – Part 6 Of Many

12 January 2012 in Reviews, Traveling


So I realized as Lindsay was posting the blog yesterday that I neglected to finish it. Some of these blogs are getting a little long and I need a break in the middle. Hopefully people are still interested. I’m trying to become a better writer through more descriptive language, but I don’t know if I’ve been very successful. I hope these are still enjoyable to read.

Anyways back to my longwinded tales… Last night after our Pho we headed back over to Bunny’s and as promised Aaron returned from work with a bottle of whiskey and a bottle of champaign. As we all sat and talked, listening to more records, eventually, later in the evening the bar itch came and we decided to step out for one. We walked down to a bar a few blocks from the apartment and had a tall shot of whiskey and a tall Tecate. The bar had a back patio so we hung out back there for a while and took in a magnificent view of the city lights. Eventually we went back in and grabbed ourselves a booth. Here we hung out a little longer and then went back and crashed.

Once again we awoke with little morning left. This time though Lindsay and I were ready to make biscuits and gravy for our hosts. So we got to work. We have been using this same biscuit recipe for several months now, but we have never had such large results. Maybe it was the kind of flour or more likely the use of a real oven, but they were almost twice as large as what we usually get. It was nice cooking in a full size kitchen. It required a little less coordination and a lot less rearranging.

After a nice brunch we went out in the truck so Aaron could show us the city outside of our walkable area. We went over to a few different neighborhoods where Aaron pointed out highlights like record shops, restaurants, and parks. Again I think Aaron would make an excellent tour guide. I certainly wouldn’t have been able to give a tour of our hometown and provide such a wealth of information. We stopped in one particular neighborhood and parked. We made our way over to an awesome record shop and leisurely paced the aisles. In these tempting instances it’s hard to adhere to a budget. There were so many things I wished to buy, but we’ve trained ourselves to resist the urge knowing that every ten dollars saved is another day on our great adventure. We wandered around this area for a little while longer and then got back in the truck and headed over to a park. This park was right on the water across which were several houseboats. The park was formerly an industrial area. I’m not sure what they did, but it required a lot of huge pipes and turbines. Being costly to remove the city decided to leave them. They cleaned them all up and painted them in lively colors. It was a great idea and turned an eyesore into a work of art.

It was getting to be later in the day and Aaron had to work again so we drove him back across town and dropped him off. Then Lindsay, Bunny, and I went back to her apartment. Bunny needed to do a little shopping because her and Aaron were making us dinner and we wanted to catch up on internet stuff and begin writing blogs for our vacation. So together we walked up to a coffee shop and then we parted ways. It may have just been our state of mind, being worn out from our vacation, but we couldn’t seem to get anything done. I know part of it for me is just the noise of a coffee shop. I’ve never understood how people can spend all day working or studying in them. I much prefer a quite room at home, but maybe they don’t have that luxury. So after failed attempts to write something I passed the computer to Lindsay and tried to craft a Thank You card for Bunny and Aaron. I wanted to make it more than just a quick note so I began doodling. This, like the writing, initially proved fruitless and frustrating, but I soldiered through, because we wanted to provide them with a proper thank you for all they had done. Eventually I crafted, what I hope was a well received combination of Seattle related doodles that spelled out “Thank You”.

In addition to the card we wanted to buy something to drink this evening. Something to go with the meal they were making us. So we swung over to the grocery store and wandered the aisles trying to figure out what to get. Our livers by this time were a bit parched and we weren’t sure what we could stomach. We settled on wine and picked up a box of Malbec. Then I proceeded to go back and forth several times debating also buying a nice six pack of beer. Eventually I decided not to. We had to get up early and drive 8 hours back so we should probably take it easy.

When we got back to the apartment Bunny had started dinner. She was making the pilaf and when Aaron got back he began making Spanakopita. The food they made was amazing! In addition to pilaf and Spanakopita there also appetizers which were little peppers (a delicious pepper we had never heard of, but will soon begin buying) stuffed goat cheese. We simply can’t thank them enough for the hospitality. Hopefully we’ll able to return the favor someday.

As the night proceeded the drink went down with increasing efficiency and all consciousness of the clock disappeared. This had happened every night while we were here. In the past four months we had scarcely been up past midnight, maybe one a.m., but every night here the time between eleven and four a.m. seemed to fly by. Soon it was well passed four and Aaron and I were still up watching The Simpsons and talking. I have to admit by this time my brain was fried. More from a long and eventful vacation than from the wine and I couldn’t contribute my share of the conversation, but it was still a nice way to end our trip. I actually felt bad retiring to bed at five a.m., but I had eight hours on the road ahead of me and by this time, if I was lucky,it would be proceeded by three hours of sleep.

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12 January 2012 Reviews, Traveling

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