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29 February 2012 in Reviews


Happy Leap Day everyone! And what’s the best way to celebrate an event that doesn’t happen very often? Celebrate it with another event that we can only handle once a month called Mon-Night Mucho Movie Mania! This time we rented a childhood classic, The Goonies. I have watched this movie over and over since I was a wee one. I have even seen the movie on different video formats such as the unknown CED player. For those of you know don’t know what a CED player is, it’s an ancient video player where the movies were on humungous plastic trays that resembled a large floppy disc. These weren’t around for very long. Probably just as long as the forgotten Laserdisc. I also have seen two different versions. One where there is swearing, the normal and best version and the version with no swearing, bad over-dubs and the famous octopus. Disney ruined that one.

We started our movie right at 6pm and we kept the movie running until 6pm the next day. To keep us busy through out the movie we make up games. We had a bottle of wine and vodka ready for toasting to the name “One-Eyed Willy” and we also do two rounds of trivia. Since we both have seen this movie a zillion times already, we had to be a little more picky with our questions. This really made you look hard at the movie and keep an eye out for small details. Some questions were: What brand of shoes do the Goonies wear? Answer: Nikes. What was the name of One-Eyed Willy’s ship? Answer: The Inferno.

We even spotted flaws within the movie like the weird voice-over dub when Mouth is talking to Chunk while feeding fish with Mikey. And the spot where Chunk flags down a car to tell someone about the Fratelli’s hideout and Jake Fratelli is singing opera to Chunk but he’s smoking in the mirror. Shame on you Steven Spielberg.

We didn’t stay awake all night but we were still able to catch the end of each movie played after 3am so we could restart it again. Once 5am rolled around we threw in the towel and put the bed down but the movie never stopped. We kept it rolling until the last showing at 6pm. We could’ve kept it going after that but one can only handle Cyndi Lauper’s songs for so long. Her song is still playing over and over in our heads. Its awful but what a great tradition!

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29 February 2012 Reviews

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