A Day in the Life of Rambo – Morning

23 February 2012 in Short Stories


A sudden movement. There’s a wave of blanket coming at me. A large boulder-like object sweeps from beneath me disturbing my warm and comfortable area. I look all around to see what is going on. The wave comes again and another boulder drifts past me just barely missing my face. The waves settle. I rest my head back down right after I give out a good long stretch and then curl back up into my arms.

As time drifts by, I begin to see a light. I blink a couple of times to focus my eyes. I can’t believe what I am seeing. I see mounds and mounds of crispy and crunchy, tasty little morsels. Each morsel is a different shape and size. Even though they are all the same shade of brown, each bite glistens with beams from heaven. I take in a deep breath as I walk towards the mountains of flavorful goodness. I can smell the savory aromas of a fresh out-of-the-oven turkey, glazed in its own juices and the steam from a buffet of the catch of the day. A true fisherman’s dream full of tuna, shrimp, crab and more. It smells so good that I am drooling like I have the jowls of a basset hound. As I walk closer to the heaping mounds, the mounds suddenly start to move further away. I keep walking closer and the mounds keep moving further and further away. My stomach is growling from my hunger. I start running towards the food hills and I can’t reach it. Its like I am on a treadmill, running nowhere. All of a sudden a giant mouse comes from behind me. He’s massive, like a gorilla. His shadow creeps over me. His big arms carry him towards the food. Drool drops from his mouth like heavy rain. No! Don’t eat my food! I’m so hungry! In a flash he gobbles up all of the food. Every single piece! There isn’t even dust on the ground. He snorted it all up right in front of me. His massive pink tongue licks his lips cleaning up all of the leftover crumbles, all of the tasty morsels. He looks at me with his big, black eyes and leans back. He lets out an ear piercing belch. It blows my whiskers back and then knocks me off of my feet sending me tumbling backwards into an abyss of blackness.

I jerk my head up. Blink, blink. Ah. It was only a dream. What a relief. That was a scary dream! Maybe Papa can make me better. I stretch out my back and walk slowly across the rolling hills of the blankets. Papa’s eyes pop open. Good, I’ve got his attention. A hand slaps down next to me, just missing my fanny. He must not be fully awake because he almost hit me. I leap to the floor in case he tries another swat. No movement.

“Papa!”, I say over and over.

I see the shadow of movement against the wall. The blanket rises. There’s Papa! I’m so excited! Oh look, he’s opening the magical door to the food bucket. It’s a dream come true. One scoop for me and one scoop for my sister. I dive right in. Each bite just as satisfying as the next. I can’t believe how hungry I am. I devour every piece just like the mouse in my dream. I’m not leaving anything behind just in case that mouse is real.

I lift my head up from the empty dish. I lick my teeth to clean up what was left behind. I feel a little woozy. My eyes are getting heavy. I better go lay down. I jump back up on the bed. I find the perfect spot right between two boulders. So warm. I curl up and lay my head back down in between my paws. I close my eyes only hoping to reach that glorious food mountain again. Its 5:30 am.


23 February 2012 Short Stories

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