Sunny Saturday Seeing Starfish on the Seashore

6 March 2012 in Trails/Hiking, Traveling


Hidden Beach and the Driftwood GraveyardIt was a Saturday filled with S’s. We got an early Start and headed South of Crescent City bound for the Yurok Loop and Hidden Beach. Hiking along the ridge line just above the Shore we Saw Sea Stacks Sticking out of the Sea. We Stomped through high grass Scared of the tick infestation we were warned about by the Sign at the trailhead. Reaching Hidden Beach we Scouted our legs pulling our pants up and our Socks down. We Seemed Safe.

Hidden Beach wasn’t the Secluded wonderland I had hoped it would be, but it was a Scenic and Secluded Section of Shoreline Sprinkled with more than its fair Share of driftwood including a makeshift Structure providing Shelter for one. After Strolling through we Scrambled atop Some large rocks and Sat Staring out at the Shimmering Sea.

Anemones!Our next Stop was Endert’s Beach where we were Scheduled to See low tide. But that was Still a few hours away and So we Settled on hiking a Section of the Coastal Trail. This Slice of the trail could be Summed up as an endless Summit which we Staggered up Slowly. We Steadily continued though believing this Struggle Should Show us Some Striking Sight. Around each bend we hoped to find a viewpoint worthy of the Strain, but the Sea, just feet away was always blocked by trees.

Stumbling back down after an hour of ascension we returned to Endert’s Beach just as the tide receded. In plain Sight we now Saw Starfish Speckling the rocks along the Shore. They were Shades of dark reddish purple and fiery orange. Among the Starfish were also Sea anemone, most of which were Shut and Shriveled up like little doughnuts, but a few were open wide Showing their unnatural aqua green color and their wavy rubber Sponge-like tentacles. We also Saw heaping mounds of clams stuck to the rocks in clusters the Size of basketballs.

Starfish in the SeaAfter taking in the Sights and Sounds of the Sea we Struck out north back to Crescent City in hopes of Supplementing our Small breakfast with a Sizable midday dinner. We Stopped at the Good Harvest Cafe, a place we had been meaning to Sample. Scanning the menu we found an ample Supply of vegetarian fare including chili, reubens, clubs, and homemade rice burgers. Everything was reasonably priced and Sounded delicious. Lindsay ordered the veggie reuben and I order the veggie club. We both Settled on Salads for a Side, but would later add an additional Side order of fries to Split. To drink we ordered a Small pitcher of Stout. Everything tasted Spectacular. Lindsay’s reuben was filled with cheese, mushrooms, peppers, onion, and zucchini. My club was huge Stacks of tofu, avocado, cheese, lettuce, and Sprouts. The Salads were fresh and Scrumptious, as were the fries. And the Stout, as expected, was amazing. I wish we would have Stopped here earlier.

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6 March 2012 Trails/Hiking, Traveling

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