What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been

16 March 2012 in Memories, Reviews, Traveling


I80 through NebraskaTomorrow we shall depart from the damp, temperate forest and head out towards the arid, hot desert. We’ve had a wonderful time amongst the dense growth of this ancient forest. The last five and a half months have been a mixture concocted of high highs and a few lows. Our surroundings were magnificent beyond proper description, but not always accessible. Though the weather was unseasonably dry we still spent a few good spans of time arrested by the rain and imprisoned in our tiny home on wheels. On these days fond thoughts of the familiar haunted our idle minds. But eventually the sun would return our feet to the trail and explorations of areas uncharted by our senses would wash away all thoughts of home and tune the frequency of our hearts and minds to the gentle calming hum only nature can provide.

Here Comes the SunBut, as stated, we must say our fond farewells content with the memories we’ve burned deep into the grain of our minds. We will never forget these trees our massive elders or the forest filling in the empty space amongst them. Smaller species covered in heavy moss, walls of ferns tall and green, and mushrooms and fungi of every shape and size. As well as all the creeks and waterfalls carving here and there.

Outside of the forest the coast will remain a meditative memory of waves crashing upon the sea stacks and craggy shore. And the creatures of this habitat: a hoard of sea lions, a sprinkling of starfish, and the single whale we saw spouting out at sea our very first day.

Not nearly as prevalent were the cities, but there were a handful of great ones. We made our maiden voyages to Portland and San Francisco where we pounded our feet on the hard concrete until they begged for mercy. We also returned to Seattle where we visited an old friend and made a new one.

At points this whole experience feels like a strange, prolonged vacation, but that will all change soon when Lindsay rejoins the working class. As I type she is in the midst of sorting through a toppling pile of paperwork which the federal government requires in order to be employed by them for six months.

But first we shall spend a week on the road visiting southern portions of the Redwoods, Sonoma Valley (free wine!), and Death Valley before returning to the City of Sin – Las Vegas. We never would have assumed we’d return so soon, but we couldn’t pass up a long weekend with a few of our closest friends who will happen to be there. After what I’m sure will be a wild weekend we’ll head to Zion with our friend Derek for the rest of the following week and then it’s on to our new summer home.

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16 March 2012 Memories, Reviews, Traveling

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