Let’s Talk About Food Baby – Let’s Talk About Fresh Veggies

26 April 2012 in Reviews, Traveling


One of my favorite features of Madison—the one I will miss the most this summer—is the farmer’s market. Saturday mornings at the square, hungover and gorging myself on any and all free samples. Then spending the afternoon sipping drinks on a bar’s outdoor patio. And finally retiring home to cook up some amazing meals with the bounty purchased earlier.

While our new lifestyle won’t afford us many summer Saturdays in Madison we have at least found a source of somewhat local produce that we can feel okay buying. Bountiful Baskets Food Co-op is a participatory experience. Participants all save a substantial amount of money on healthy food. In exchange there are no employees to guide participants through the experience. One of Lindsay’s co-workers told her about it and we just got our first basket last Thursday. The website if pretty vague as to what exactly you might expect in your basket both in variety and volume, but we were more than pleased with our purchase.

Outside the local internet provider’s office, in a tiny strip mall, situated in the small town of Page a group of volunteers organize and distribute the veggies and fruits to numbered laundry baskets that sit awaiting their pick up. Inside our basket we found sweet corn, celery, yellow squash, zuchs, spinach, lettuce, onions, strawberries, bananas, kiwis, lemons and apples. It was certainly worth the $15 contribution. Everything was fresh and in great condition.

The only downside was the slight chaos generated when one has to eat all these wonderful foods before they spoil. I will say for those looking to eat more healthy and work more fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet this or a similar CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) share works wonders. Once you come home with a heaping lot of fresh produce the processed, less perishable foods are forced to take a back seat or you end up throwing away your hard earned money in rotten produce.

So far, for Lindsay and I this has meant two to three servings of fresh, raw fruit and veg a day. We have progressively been getting better at making healthy decisions when it comes to food, but this has really put us over the top. So anyone out there who’s looking to change their diet, lose some weight and improve their overall health a good start is a CSA or a Bountiful Basket. This paired with a removal of the more tempting, less healthy foods will do wonders I guarantee.

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26 April 2012 Reviews, Traveling

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  1. I really wish there was one in Kanab. The best we have is the guy on 89A who sells from his garden, but he is soooo expensive.

  2. Karen on 26 April 2012

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