Three Weeks, Going on a Month. Eight Months, Going on a Year

22 April 2012 in Memories, Trails/Hiking, Traveling


It is hard to believe we’ve already been here for three weeks. It’s even harder to believe we’ve been away from Wisconsin for over eight months and it will be over a year before we return. Our adaptability has increased ten fold over the course of our time away so our assimilation to another habitat, environment, climate, and area has been quite smooth. Even moving into our new apartment was ridiculously easy. We literally met the real estate agent, looked at our two options, chose one and started moving in. We signed the paperwork in our new apartment in between trips to the truck which escorted in our measly belongings. This had to be the easiest move we’ve ever made. Besides the couple thousand mile drive the actually process of bringing stuff in and unpacking took less than a couple of hours. Makes me wish I would have sold all my shit a long time ago. What use was most of the stuff I rid my closets, drawers, and cabinets of? If there was a use I have yet to discover it.

Our apartment, while a little pricey, is a pleasant abode with a nice patio and a very open floor plan with plenty of space for the two of us and our two furry children. The increased area and lack of stuff to fill it makes things feel a bit sparse and a little impermanent, but it’s easy to clean and keep organized. It is weird having too much space though. Compared to the trailer where every item had its place and could be nowhere else, here we find ourselves questioning where we put this or that.

Outside our door and just around the corner of the building is a striking view of Lake Powell with its burnt red, sand stone walls. There’s a nice communal deck set off of the parking lot, which once held a hot tub, but has since been patched up with only the “3 FT.” stencils around the square patch in the floor to mark this past luxury. Between this deck and the lake is the beginning of what will certainly be a crowded subdivision, but is currently just a series of curvy drives and courts with a sprinkling of fancy, desert-style homes and a lot of “Lot for Sale” signs. Stretching past this development in progress is a rolling plot of sand and shrub too large in expanse to traverse to the lake. But this is not an issue because Lone Rock—where Lindsay will spend most of the summer—is just a couple miles down the road and offers a nice stretch of beach with shallow, sandy shores. When the thermometer hits 100 and the lake temp gets above 60 this is where you will find me. A cooler of beer, a book and a lawn chair set chest deep in the water.

Beyond our immediate vicinity and the wonders of Glen Canyon is a veritable cornucopia of endless natural wonders to explore. To our northwest lays the Grand Escalante Staircase and to our southeast Antelope Canyon and Lee’s Ferry. Venturing further there’s Monument Valley to the east, the Grand Canyon to the south west, and Zion, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, Canyonlands, and Arches all in varying degrees from west to north. If we run out of things to do here there’s something wrong.

So far we’ve done a brief tour of the day hikes offered in the Page area. We’ve seen the dam—which is almost as large as the Hoover Dam. I think it was shy by roughly 20-30 feet. We’ve seen the breathtaking view of Horse Shoe Bend, a 270 degree turn in the Colorado River seen from several hundred feet up. We also drove up into the Escalante Staircase where we saw the toad stools (huge balanced rocks set atop smaller pillars of more erosion prone stone). We ventured back 15 miles on Cottonwood Rd. This dirt road passes petrified oyster beds that are millions of years old and eventually brings you in the glowing rock formations the area is known for. Here we hiked up a wash, at first jumping and carefully navigating our steps to dry land or rock—or at least the driest available, but later, in order to proceed further we said “screw it” and allowed our already partially damp feet to get fully soaked. On our walk back we took it one step further and abandoned our shoes and socks altogether. While the water was extremely cold it was still better than walking in wet socks and shoes. The bed was mostly fine sand and served as a natural exfoliant. The other day we also went up to Lee’s Ferry where a handful of historic buildings and forts line a beautiful portion of the Colorado River. Here we also were lucky enough to see several prickly pear cactuses blossoming. This is a rare event because they only blossom once a year and do so for as little as a day.

So far this has pretty much been the extent of our adventures into the wild. Lindsay’s working 40 hours a week and I am once again shackled to a computer for most of the day, but we plan to take advantage of our free time here and spend most of her days off out on the trail somewhere. For all those reading—if any—please come and visit! While we’re blessed by the beauty of our natural surroundings the conversation can be a little lacking sometimes.

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22 April 2012 Memories, Trails/Hiking, Traveling

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