Vegas – The Episodic Bender Continues

9 April 2012 in Memories, Traveling


Awaking surprisingly early I stumbled out into the fresh air of our glorified parking lot or RV park as KOA would call it. While I waited for Lindsay and Derek to awake I read a little for The Thought Gang a wonderful book by Tibor Fischer. I was a little surprised that Derek was still asleep in the back of our truck which had to be baking in the sun by now with the windows up. But soon there was movement in the truck and Lindsay began to rumble and grumble in the trailer.

The chili mac mission which was abandoned just a few hours ago was resumed with substantially improved success and partially improved senses. After a healthy breakfast Lindsay and I took a recovery dip in the parks hot tub. There’s few things more reinvigorating than submersing ones self in water after a long day, night, and early morning of walking, talking and drinking. Leaving the pool I felt like a million bucks. Ready to take on another day of consuming alcoholic beverages and catching up with old friends.

We took Derek back across town to change and shower at the hotel and we met up with the rest of the crew. Once again old habits would prevail after consuming some mexican food large beers were purchased and drinking commenced. We entertained ourselves on Fremont Street for awhile by just people watching. Weirdos in Vegas are a dime a dozen, but I would have to give the crown to our friend DJ Kardboard. A homely fellow in a sleeveless jean jacket covered with heavy metal patches of the likes of Iron Maiden and Metallica. From his neck hung a piece of cardboard box with laminated records on the top. These were his turntables and his mouth his speakers. A sign on the front notified passers that any money contributed would go towards real turntables. Given his beatbox skills I’m not sure whether real tables would help or hurt. One passerby yelled to his friends “he’s not even good!” And we’d have to agree, but I don’t think his intent was to be good.

Sometimes when the world seems large and detached you’re reminded of how small it is. Standing on Fremont Street, a less frequented section of Vegas we ran into couple of kids from Jefferson and Fort Atkinson. What are the odds? Amongst hundreds of thousands of people in an area covering several thousand square miles we ran into people from our tiny home town thousands of miles away. If that’s not proof of life’s infinite possibilities I don’t know what is.

As the afternoon transitioned to evening we parted ways with Tony, Shuppe and Troy who had a Monster Truck National event to attend. Lindsay, Derek and I met up with Lindsay’s Aunt Jennifer and Uncle Jeffery. We met up with them the last time we were in Vegas and had a great time and this was no different. With them as our tour guides and with fresh drinks in hand we saw the shark pool water slide and the giant golden nugget from which the Golden Nugget Casino got it’s name. Then we sat down for some pizza and some catching up. The pizza was great! Thanks you two! And after pizza we wandered Fremont Street for awhile before retiring to a casino bar. We always have so much fun with them!

After saying our goodbyes and regrouping with the rest of the crew we spent the night watching them gamble while we drank. Eventually Lindsay and I caught a cab back to Circus Circus and got some rest.

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9 April 2012 Memories, Traveling

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