Viva! Las Vegas! No Viva Los Liver!

6 April 2012 in Memories, Traveling


After a long, long wait the day had finally come. We would finally see four great friends from home. We were brimming with excitement when we pulled into and parked at the airport. Calling Derek and finding Tony’s baggage claim we actually had butterflies in our stomachs we were so overwhelmed by the idea that we soon be hugging and hanging out with friends from home.

After locating Derek, who had flown in on a separate flight we soon spotted the rest of the crew. Everyone was given big hugs and a round of smiles were set upon all of our faces. It would be impossible to describe how important this was to Lindsay and me. After eight months away with only a few familiar faces to bless us with their presence we were well over due for some time with old friends.

So we saddled up and drove them down the strip. After a quick stop at their hotel we promptly dispatched for beer and food. Despite what one might think Vegas can be a hard place to find something to eat in. Sure you have the casino buffets, but they can be expensive. Outside of that and on the main drags you’re often limited to chain restaurants. On top of this trying to please a group of six with a varied assortment of diets and preferences it can be hard to make a definitive decision. We ended up settling on pizza. An easy pleaser for everyone. Unfortunately the clientele would not be so appeasing. Some group of big, obnoxious bikers looking for trouble and acting like total asses waddled in being rude to every person they encountered. Taking over several tables where people were seated. Being loud as all hell and lewd towards any female in their sight. I couldn’t eat my shitty pizza fast enough.

Exiting we loaded back into the truck and headed back to Circus Circus so Lindsay could shower. Then we walked over to the convenient store for a tall can of brew and then headed down the strip. The strip can be a long walk and with plenty of thirsty Wisconsinites a slow one. It seemed we were often stopping for drinks. We attempted to show everyone the areas of interest like the Venetian gondolas and the overpriced malls. Vegas can be quite overwhelming though and also a lot of walking. After awhile thoughts of drinking roamed towards thoughts of food and in what seemed like an instance in my state of intoxication Tony, Shuppe and Troy departed for a buffet back over by their hotel.

This left Lindsay, Derek and me to wander the strip alone. We took in the some more of the sights and eventually I would be drawn into a lengthy conversation with a born again christian fundamentalist of some sort. I’ve always longed to talk with those preachers of the street and while I wasn’t in my best form the liquid bravery sloshing around in my insides gave me the courage to finally approach this poor young man. I went into a calm tirade (I realize this is a bit of an oxymoron, but it accurately describes my raging thoughts and calm speech). With great self-restraint I pointed out the hypocrisies externally apparent in him and questioned the faulty system of endless sin and instant forgiveness. And how one could live a life of great morality and nobility, but never accept the christian god and therefor go to hell and another could live a life of many sins and continual hypocrisy and moral failure, but merely a simple request for forgiveness at the end unburdens all wrong and grants access to heaven. I could go on and on and it should be said that the young man I was engaged with practiced a similar restraint and friendliness, but much like this encounter I must be pulled away. Lindsay and Derek literally had to physically pull me away because the several hints and suggestions of ending my debate had fallen short of moving my legs and mind in another direction.

Next we took in the Bellagio fountain show which was strangely set to Michael Jackson’s Billy Jean. Then we wandered back to a tiny mexican restaurant in a strip mall near our trailer. Here we entered a new realm of Vegas. A lively wealth of activity blossomed within and around this unimposing joint. We were the only white people in the whole place. I don’t point this out to form any division or project any ill thoughts, but merely as something that stands out in my mind because I, like most white people, spend a majority of my life as a member of the majority in most situations. But there’s nothing I love more than having those tables flipped. Especially in a restaurant setting. Here looking around I knew we would get authentic, delicious food and we most certainly did. Sadly the one set back with a lot of authentic ethnic food (outside of Indian and Asia) is a lack of options for vegetarians. Fortunately they had veggie quesadillas. Now in an Americanized setting these would be bland saucers of shells and cheese. Here they were packed with delicious peppers, onions, and cactus.

After devouring these delicious morsels we headed to Walgreens for some late night brews and some chili mac. I’m not sure why we decided to get more food, but we did. It never got cooked that night because Lindsay hit the hay instead of the kitchen, but it did serve as a yummy brunch.

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6 April 2012 Memories, Traveling

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