What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas

16 April 2012 in Memories, Traveling


Our last day in Vegas. A final send off to Tony, Shuppe and Troy. Today the plan was to head to the Hoover Dam and then the Grand Canyon. After rounding everyone up and getting on the road we were already running a little behind schedule. We made our way out to the dam, stopping first at the Mike O’Callaghan – Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge. Towering high above the Hoover Dam the bridge is a striking architectural feat that in my opinion dwarves the once monstrous dam. But it’s a great view and a surprisingly tasteful compliment to the surrounding scenery. Viewed from the dam it forms a nice frame around the red rock formations in the background.

After pictures atop this perch we drove down to the dam itself. We found a parking spot in the most ridiculously squeaky garage in existence. For some reason whoever constructed this garage felt it necessary to coat the lot in the glossy finish of a warehouse floor. So every slight turn any car attempted was accompanied by the screeching sounds of a high speed car chase despite the fact that they were only going 10 mph if not less.

Tony, Shuppe and Troy wanted to tour the dam so we went our separate ways and Lindsay, Derek and I walked out on top of the dam. The wind was a force to reckon with which made peering over the edge all the more nerve igniting. After crossing and re-crossing the dam we checked out the gift shop and returned to the parking lot to wait for the rest of the boys.

Before regrouping our half of the half dozen discussed our collective hopes of abandoning the Grand Canyon. It was already mid-afternoon and we were still a long drive from the rim. Thankfully when the other half returned they were of the same opinion. So we headed back to the strip.

Everyone was hungry so we dropped off the truck at our campsite and hit the streets in search of some grub to appease the whole group. As previously stated this can be a problem and after a few blocks of pondering various ethnic fare to no conclusion we settled on back tracking to a diner we had passed. Lindsay and I had eaten here in the wee morning hours of our previous visit and perhaps our state of mind had led to a lapse in an accurate generation of memory. This time around we would end up ordering the nachos to split with Derek and what arrived on our table was the biggest mound of tortilla chips, cheese and jalapenos ever constructed. If this wasn’t enough to properly stuff any group’s guts it came with a side of refried beans, salsa, sour cream, and shitty processed nacho cheese. It took all we had just to finish a little over half of the plate. Everyone else at the table had such heaping plates of their own that none could even help consume our mistake. And to think we thought of splitting a veggie sandwich as well!

After packing our bellies with food we stopped into Walgreens for some unopened intoxicants and promptly opened them in the parking lot. With drinks in hand we once again attempted to traverse the strip, and once again we would fail. Making it as far as O’Shea’s we stopped and found one of the few seating areas in Vegas that doesn’t require a minimum bet, an order, or any other monetary transactions. Derek decided it would be a good time to place a bet on the roulette table and after a while away from the group I went over to investigate. Turns out he won $175 on his second bet! Beginners luck I guess. I’m glad one of us won something.

Everyone seemed a little under enthused by the strip and drawn to the cheaper drink prices of their hotel’s turf and so we hopped a bus back up to Fremont Street. Here everyone would spend the rest of the night drinking, a few gambling and even fewer winning. Tony ended up hitting a bit of a lucky streak on the slots and video roulette. Shortly after the switch from p.m. to a.m. Lindsay and I caught our bus back and retired to our tiny vessel for some much needed rest.

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16 April 2012 Memories, Traveling

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