A Day at the Beach

6 May 2012 in Memories, Traveling


“Unfortunately” Lindsay’s register number is still not working so today we had a Sunday Funday in the sun. Waking late we leisurely had breakfast and lunch before trading PJs for swimsuits, covering ourselves from head to toe in sunscreen and throwing together a few things for a day at the beach. On our way we picked up some PBR and we’re set for the day.

Down at Lone Rock a nice section of sand spanning a mile or so offers a great place to spend an afternoon soaking in the sun. We found a nice expanse of shore, pulled right up to the waters edge and set our chairs ankle deep in the water. The sun was steadily raising the temperature from roasty to toasty so the combination of the cool water at our feet, mixed with our sun soaked midsections, and a touch of ice cold brew produced an ideal experience.

When the temp hits a hundred and the water is just a tad warmer I can see why this place becomes swamped with people looking to escape the heat, but today it was only moderately busy. We maintained a nice share of shore without too many neighbors. Later in the afternoon we had plenty of space to place bocci ball.

And while it was cold I couldn’t resist the urge to plunge all the way in. There’s something so inviting about a body of water even if it’s a bit cold. It’s certainly wasn’t the coldest water I’ve found myself in. That would have to be the icy water of Crater Lake. Water that quite literally comes from ice and snow atop the surrounding mountains. The shores of Lake Powell are still a bit cool to spend the day in, but they’re approaching that breaking point where spring lakes become summer lakes/swimming holes.

Overall I can’t say the day was overly eventful, but that’s exactly what we were looking for. Despite the increasing crowds of summer hopefully Lone Rock will remain a tolerable haven where we can escape the summer heat.

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6 May 2012 Memories, Traveling

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