An End to One Visit, Before the Beginning of Another

19 September 2012 in Memories, Traveling


My Mom’s visit was wonderful, but it went by way too quickly for everyone. Seeing my Mom solidified the fact that Lindsay and I are do for a trip back to Wisconsin. While we enjoy our life of adventure our home will always be Wisconsin. We have too many friends and family there for this to ever change. So while our hearts and minds remain open to all that life throws our way it seems unlikely we’ll ever be away from Wisconsin for much more than a year without at least a visit. Had you proposed this notion a year or two ago I would have been highly skeptical, but there is truly something to the idea that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Over the course of my Mom’s last few days here we took it easy for the most part. We hung around the apartment and made one last trip to the beach. It was the portion of the trip where everyone begins to feel things winding down and the awareness that this scenario is soon to end rears it’s ugly head. My Mom began to think of returning to work, I began to picture the resurgence of an empty apartment. I’m in no place to complain about hanging around the apartment all day while Lindsay works, but I must state that it does get lonely and a tad boring at times. With work infrequent, but always a potential and the heat outside intolerable I spend too much time sitting at the computer, killing time and waiting for Tuesday and Wednesday to cycle around again so I can be out hiking and camping.

But back to my Mom’s last day. We leisurely readied ourselves for a long drive to Flagstaff while Lindsay finished an early shift. When Lindsay got off we were ready to go and departed directly from Lone Rock. I drove once again—my presence, but also my twentieth hour in a week that would roll the odometer over a thousand miles or more. But it was all a pleasure. I love sharing this area with others and would have gladly drove ten thousand more.

Arriving in Flagstaff, a storm was transforming from loom to bloom as we parked and walked to our favorite Thai restaurant out here, Pato Thai. We were a little late and it was right around dinner time so we gave our name and retired to the lobby to wait. After pouring over the time we had before my Mom’s flight we decided getting our food to go was a better option and a short while later we were running to the truck in the pouring rain and booming thunder, food in bag.

We ate our delicious meal in the humble setting of the airport parking lot. It was the first time my Mom had ever had Thai food and thankfully she really enjoyed it. Afterwards we all waited for my Mom’s flight and took pleasure in an extended goodbye.

If you’re reading this Mom, Lindsay and I really appreciated and enjoyed your visit. It means a lot to us. We love that you have within you a similar sense of adventure and a desire to see and do more than your backyard affords.

19 September 2012 Memories, Traveling

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