A Short Return To Wisco

26 October 2012 in Friendship, Memories, Traveling


After dropping Tom off at Union Station, Derek and I headed north to the homeland. I hadn’t been to Wisconsin in nearly a year. It was a strange experience to say the least. It was familiar, but remote in my mind. I was now used to northern Arizona, but the farmland, roads and scenery of southern Wisconsin was still deeply ingrained in my memory.

Pulling into Fort Atkinson everything seemed in order. Nothing much new to report. We had some lunch at Derek’s and hung around until I went out to have dinner with my Mom and Grandma.

It was surreal seeing my Grandma as well. My Mom had came out for two visits, but I hadn’t seen my Grandma in a year. Unfortunately she wasn’t feeling well so she didn’t eat with us, but I was glad she still made it out. It was great talking with her and seeing she was just as spry and lively as ever.

After dinner my Grandma headed home and my Mom and I walked downtown for a couple of drinks. It was great to sit and talk with her. Even though she had just been down to visit us a few weeks earlier I think we both really miss each other. But I know she also is almost as excited as I am about my new lifestyle. She loves an excuse to come an visit a new place.

But soon it was approaching my Mom’s bedtime and so we said our goodbyes and parted ways. I headed back to Derek’s place and we began hitting the bars. First we ran to Jefferson, stopping into Fairview to say hi to Haas. Then it was back to Fort and a night of wandering through downtown from bar to bar. Fort has never been my scene, but it was good to see some familiar faces and catch up with a few people.

The following day we awoke at a reasonable time and departed fro Madison. My old stomping grounds. Israel, Derek and I picked up our friend Tony on the way to the Farmer’s Market, a must for me. Lindsay and I spent almost every Saturday of the summer up at the Market. We had a whole routine that included certain stands, farmers and bars. Approaching the Market I called Lindsay right as I entered from our usual corner. Right on cue the bongo drummer, who’s always there started his traditional song “money, money, money…MONEY!” Lindsay would later tell me she was tearing up while I talked to her.

So I continued on my pilgrimage in her honor. Stopping to get some spicy cheese bread and then some cheese curds from our cheese man Farmer John. I was astonished that he remembered me, but I guess we did buy cheese from him twice a week for three years! Next we stopped into our favorite corner bar. This place was reserved for Saturday afternoons and Saturday afternoons only. It’s strategic location on the last corner of the square along with it’s outdoor seating, plentiful beer selection and it’s assortment of fried foods makes it a staple for the end of morning and the transition into afternoon. The only thing missing was a refreshing bike ride home, but I can’t be greedy.

We then retired to Tony’s place to spend the day awaiting the night. A few Hamm’s were sent do the gullet and some TV was watched, but the anticipation clawing at me to head to the Harmony was the only thing on my mind.

Soon enough we were on our way with another friend, Peter, in tow. Arriving at my favorite bar threw a lump right up from my heart to my throat where it remained and threatened to burst as my favorite bartender Alison came and gave me a hug. I missed this place, this town and the people who reside in and around it. As the night progressed more and more friends arrived assuring me that Lindsay and I had not been forgotten.

I couldn’t have asked for a better evening. Euchre was played as well as pool, so many friends showed up and hugs were abundant, a few friends had a little too much to drink and a comedy act of sorts ensued that had me in stitches, a permanent smile plastered across my face, ear to ear.

For any and all reading who were there it honestly meant the world to me. I am so lucky to have such wonderful people in my life. It’s reassuring to know this when you’re hundreds of miles from home for long periods of time. I can’t wait to spend the winter with you all. And I know Lindsay is even more excited!

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26 October 2012 Friendship, Memories, Traveling

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  1. This was beautiful. Made me tear up a little. 🙂

  2. Brittany on 29 October 2012

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