Familiar Places and Familiar Faces

24 October 2012 in Friendship, Memories, Trails/Hiking, Traveling


You know a true friend by the manner and course of conversation and comfort after a long absence. My friend Tom is definitely a true friend. There was no awkwardness in our exchanges and the conversation started up right where we left off when we last saw each other a year ago.

There was of course simple pleasantries and some discussion of the contemporary courses of our lives, but then it was into the ever growing tangle of tangents regarding philosophy, politics, sociology, behavioral studies, science, religion, etc.

These worms holes led us all around the streets of Chicago. Half a bottle of Vodka and soda in had and a quarter bottle in each of our bellies and we were set for the night. Only when the bottle ran dry did we duck into a tavern. Otherwise we found ourselves so caught up in verbal exchanges that we unknowingly destroyed our feet pounding the pavement of Clark and Halsted.

When we finally stepped into a bar—somehow still thirsty—a pint of Guinness and a whiskey and water were added to the mix and later the bloodstream. We played a pretty poor game of darts and then exited in search of food and our beds.

As we passed a hot dog stand with open doors and lights we thought “maybe they’ll have a veggie dog”. Sure as shit they did. What better night cap in Chicago than a veggie dog with the works. Which outside of your standard fare includes a whole dill pickle spear!

After that expedition, needless to say we did not make the free breakfast that ended at 9:30, nor were we in too good of shape to face the day. But we soldiered on. Down to a bagel shop and then the Lincoln Park Zoo. Swarmed by children, noise and light nausea we wandered the park on shot feet. Waiting for Derek to come down from Wisconsin and the clock to progress to a reasonable hour before we had another drink.

Our patience for the clock wore off quick and we soon found ourselves roaming the streets looking for an open door. Two in the afternoon on a Thursday, standing in what seemed to be an Irish neighborhood we were surprised by the number of locked doors we encountered. But persistence paid off as we wandered into an empty and strangely familiar looking pub. After taking in the surroundings and paging through my blurry memory I deduced that this was the same, completely random pub we had found a drink at the night before. What are the odds.

As always is the case for me, hair of the dog worked its wonders. A pint of Guinness settled the stomach and washed away the mild headache. Reassuring the body that it’s addiction will continue to be fed always calming my ailments.

After that medicinal pint we walked over to meet Derek. Who had just arrived and had a thirsty throat as well. We met up, found another bar, and played some pool while catching up. Surprisingly, mostly to me, I beat both Derek and Tom multiple times. After playing less than a half dozen times over the past year I was surprised by my prowess. And I always considered them both to be more competent players so it’s always nice to beat someone you think is better than you.

At this point I must depart. The next chapter in this story may involve a lengthy bit of writing and this is already enough for one blog. Stay tuned.

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