Kodacrhome Basin State Park…Beautiful Park Stupid Name

29 November 2012 in Memories, Trails/Hiking, Traveling


Kodacrhome Basin State ParkEntering this State Park just east of Bryce Canyon we had no idea what was behind this interesting name we had now pronounced at least a half dozen different ways. When we were handed the parks map and literature we were a little disappointed and repulsed to find it was named after a popular camera film by Kodak. Really? Well before the privatization trend of naming stadiums and college football bowl games after any corporation that could put enough zeros on the check this state operated, corporately sovereign park chooses to name this beautiful area after a camera film?

Kodacrhome Basin State ParkGetting past the name and it’s origins we entered a gorgeous park. Yet another unique wonder amongst many in this part of the country. Arizona and Utah have to be two of the most geologically diverse states by far. This park’s draw was the sixty-seven monolithic stone spires contained within it’s borders. These spires are called sedimentary pipes composed of sandstone reveal layers dating back 180 million years.

Kodacrhome Basin State ParkMany look like natural stovepipes or chimneys, jutting up in random places from the otherwise normal sandstone buttes and cliffs. We hiked a few trails here, but despite the beauty we were beaten relentless by the sun. It came in intervals, peaking in and out from behind clouds, but when it shined it shined hard. The second trail we hiked we couldn’t even finish. It was just overbearing. It wasn’t even hot temperature-wise the sun just seemed to soak into our pores and dehydrate us from within. The last drops of our water bottles got us out of there, but just barely.

It was nice to see a couple of State Parks this week. There’s simply too much to see down here. From the big National Parks to BLM to Forest Service and now the State Parks as well. If you can stand the heat and the sun you would never, in a lifetime run out of things to do around here. We haven’t even come close. If anything we’re running out of time a lot faster than places.

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29 November 2012 Memories, Trails/Hiking, Traveling

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