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22 February 2013 in Friendship, Memories, Traveling

After yesterday’s surprises of rain and last minute hotel shopping, we could now settle down and explore more of downtown Isla Mujeres and Playa Norte. We woke up early to the bright rays of sunshine and a hungry belly. Once everyone was ready to go, we wandered down Hidalgo Street to look for a place that offered breakfast. After passing by a few restaurants, we found the Rooster Cafe. Its a nice, modern cafe that serves a good variety of breakfast items from freshly made pastries to eggs benedict. I was in the mood for something small and sweet. Something that would compliment that cup of cafe con leche I was craving. I opted for the cinnamon roll. It was no Beckie’s from Oregon but it was delicious with its moist, cinnamon-y goodness.

How much is that doggy in the window?After breakfast we meandered around town. I enjoyed walking around the town because it is filled with interesting colors, architecture, people and art. I love seeing how other people live and here many people live so simple. They don’t have fancy cars or fancy tvs or even fancy furniture. Some houses have only a hammock hanging inside surrounded by a few chairs with a small tv in the corner and I admire that. What more do you really need? You’re in such a beautiful place, why be inside all of the time?

Since the plan was that there was no plan, we all decided a day on the beach was well deserved. We took a stroll to Playa Norte or North Beach to the palm tree that Dan and I usually lay by. Lana and Al rented chairs and an umbrella so we all gathered by the shoreline and soaked up the warmth of the sun. For about $5 you got two chairs and an umbrella for the day. Playa NorteThe only problem was that we got the worst umbrella ever. The cloth was ripped on one end revealing a rusty death rod that spun towards you when the wind picked up. Eventually we got a new umbrella and could take off our sunglasses knowing we wouldn’t get stabbed in the eye with tetanus. The only thing that we were missing was the icy cold goodness of a cervesa. Sol Forever!Sol that is. Its one of our favorite beers down there. Put a lime in that baby and we are good to go. After drinking several of these, Al pulling a muscle in his leg and realizing we soaked in too much sun we hobbled back to the hotel to get ready to watch the Superbowl.

We wanted to go to Jax Bar and Grill like Dan and I did two years ago, but both floors were packed. We ended up chilling at a bar down the road that featured the game projected on a giant screen. They had a decent beer bucket special so we were good to go. Its always sad to watch the last game of football because the next season is so far away. Even though I am not a fan, I’m glad that the Ravens won. May Ray Lewis retire in style. You deserve it. We had a good time watching the game here. Al and LanaGood stories were shared and some good laughs too. It started to get a little nippy with the breeze coming in from the open water so the people next to us gave us their giant beach towels to wrap up in. They ended up leaving and we ended up keeping their towels. The towels were from some hotel and it seemed like everyone had one of these so it was no loss on their end. Later that evening we finished off the night wining and dining. Mas tequila e mas comida!

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22 February 2013 Friendship, Memories, Traveling

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