A Day of Rest and Relaxation

25 April 2013 in Traveling

Today it was on through the rest of Arizona and into California. The roads were rough and the weather was windy. Despite it being another fairly short drive—for us that’s anything under six hours—it was a stressful one. The cats had had enough of their bumpy confinement. Rambo let his grievances be known with constant howling of varying tones in hopes we might understand or acknowledge him by stopping. But we had to keep moving. We had places to be and times to be there.

20130404-DSC_0892_low-resAs planned we stopped in Needles, California. But we altered our plans of dropping the trailer and heading into the Mojave Desert—another 3 hours round trip in the truck—in exchange for a day of rest. After getting settled we drove to a nearby gas station and picked up a little beer. The rest of the day we spent sipping brews and dipping in and out of the campground’s pool.

While we were standing around an older gentlemen moseyed on over and struck up a conversation. Turns out he was retired army, retired union truck driver, and recently retired, retired i.e. on social security. He and his wife had camp hosted across the country and were basically on a never ending journey to wherever the wind or weather or his own whims would take him. He had more stories to tell than the day was long and he was ready to tell us everyone of them between sips from the Milwaukee’s Best Ice beer can he held. “I was once up in San Fran Cisco hauling a load through the tight downtown streets. And I got ta dis corna and I couldn’t cut it because there was a bran new BMW parked illegally on da corna. I was holding up traffic for awhile, figgerin’ out what ta do and then a cop pulled up and tol me I had to move. I explained the situation and he said ‘run the car over’. I said ‘what?’ He said ‘either you run that car over or I’m writing you a ticket.’ He wrote me a slip with his name, signature, an badge number in case the guy who owned the car tried to sue and over the BMW I went!”

20130404-DSC_0891_low-resHe was full of these stories. Everyone more grandiose than the last. I’m sure some were a little indulgent, but I had to admire his spirit. He came and went as he pleased. He saw value in travel and new places as well as new people. His wife had some health issues that put her in a wheelchair, but that didn’t stop them. They got a bigger trailer and a place to put her Hover Round and they kept at it. Driving here or there to visit family or for a change in weather. South in the winter, north in the summer. Here, there and everywhere they pleased. That’s the way life should be. Why do we limit ourselves, our outlooks and the possibilities of life to one town, county or state—heck even one country—is beyond my grasp. There’s so much out there and so little time to see it my bones rattle with restlessness when I’m too still and my mind reels when I consider the abundance of places beyond our borders. I’ve spent the last five years or so attempting to see the US and I’ve only sampled a few choice cuts. When I think of what the rest of the world has to offer it’s a daunting and concerning thought, but as was once said “every journey starts with a single step.”

25 April 2013 Traveling

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