The Shore Was Now In Sight

26 April 2013 in Memories, Traveling

We began the last major leg of our journey today. With no need for an early start to our eight hour haul we took our time in the morning. I went for a run and another dip in the pool and we pulled out, trailer in tow around eleven.

The first segment was a steep and drawn out climb out of the low lying desert and up through a range of mountains. The views were magnificent as we chugged along at a slow, strained pace. Up, up and away. Away from the desert and into the mountains. Then down, down, down into the central valley we went. Hopping on 99 we had a lengthy stretch of flat road ahead of us, shouldered by groves of fruit and nut trees and the occasional vineyard. Our path was well beaten and for the most part left that way. The cracks and patches of the road shook the truck and trailer with a nerve-racking fervor.

Then around five in the evening traffic picked up. Besides a few brief stints here and there we had avoided the hazard and stress of heavy traffic, planning our passage through metropolitan areas for off hours when most of the city was busy at work or finishing their weekend in front of the TV. Now, while the towns we passed were fairly small their populations flooded the main thoroughfare, filling in all the gaps between us and the small convoy of semis that we had spent the day with.

Stop, stop, go. Gas, brake, punch. Trucks and cars flying by me frustrated that I adhered to the 55 mph towing speed limit and was obstructing their path and pace of 75. Two lanes of road and two separate speed limits may lead to white-knuckle driving, neck aches, and short tempers. But the traffic eventually thinned and allowed my tightly wound nerves and muscles to relax a little.

We were tired and wanted to get some decent rest—the kind a Wal-Mart or truck stop parking lot doesn’t seem to allow for—so we broke from our miserly ways and stayed at a hotel. The cheapest we could find. Sometimes, after a 2400 mile, 40+ hour journey you just feel like you’ve earned a well worn bed with a scratchy comforter and a random collection of cable channels airing shows about noodling for catfish or hunting gators. Tomorrow would bring about a long stretch without such creature comforts. After less than an hour of it I was ready to say goodbye.

26 April 2013 Memories, Traveling

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